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Bone anatomy & physiology :

A majority of our bone mass develops in adolescence. Multiple factors can influence our bone density as we age including diet, physical activity, and gender. 

The human body has multiple physiological processes that maintain our bones. In the "repair" phase, specialized cells called osteoclasts degrade bone with damaged surfaces. The "remodeling" phase follows this process, aiding in the formation of new bone. In healthy adults, this cycle aids in the maintenance of a healthy bones. Factors including aging, however, can disrupt this process leading to bone mineral loss and bone deterioration. 
Bone degradation process
Why you should care:

Our bone health is deeply connected to our overall health. As we age, our bone mineral density decreases. Due to lowered bone density, we become more susceptible to fractures in our hips, vertebral column, and arms following a fall.

Fractures can cause a decreased quality of life coupled with an increased risk of disability and other fractures. Intervening to preserve bone health can help decrease the risk of fracture, preserving the overall health, mobility, and quality of life of our patients.
Bone Health Consultation
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basics of bone health

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