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What is viscosupplementation?

Viscosupplementation, or commonly referred to as a hyaluronic acid injection,is a common and effective in office therapy for patients suffering from joint pain related to osteoarthritis. 


Viscosupplementation injections consist of a protein based fluid containing hyaluronic acid that acts as a lubrication and shock absorber inside large joints such as the knee,hip and shoulder. 

What are the benefits of viscosupplementation? 

Viscosupplementation has been clinically proven to decrease inflammation and aid in pain related to arthritis. Additionally, viscosupplementation has been shown to be effective in delaying joint replacement. 

How long does viscosupplementation last? 

While many patients experience decreased pain following a complete series of viscosupplementation, the duration of effect of the injections ranges from person to person. 

Ask your provider if viscosupplementation is an option for you! 

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