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The shoulder is a complex joint which is provides a lot of the motion necessary for most everyday tasks.  Even small issues can cause noticeable symptoms including pain and decreased motion.  There is a lot of overlap with the cervical spine (neck) which means Dr. Urband will spend time during your visit making sure the correct issue is being addressed.


The hip is more of a ball-in-socket than other joints. It is deep within the body compared to some other joints, which means there is plenty of room for soft tissue problems like bursitis, tendinitis and strains to cause pain in the area.  Also, because of the nature of lumbar (lower back) problems, they can masquerade as hip pain also.  Like the shoulder, Dr. Urband will take the necessary time to rule out other underlying issues to get to the root cause of your hip discomfort.  Quite frequently patients are surprised that their labral tear diagnosed on MRI is NOT the cause of their symptoms and therefore does not need surgery!


The knee is one of the most commonly injured joints due to the forces placed across it with every step, leap, and landing.  Meniscus tears, other cartilage problems, and ligament tears can cause season ending pain and disability until treated surgically.  Not every one of these injuries need surgery though, and Dr. Urband will make sure you know your options.


The ankle requires near-perfectly matched mating surfaces to work without increasing the future risk of osteoarthritis.  As such, alignment is hallmark to the treatment of ankle injuries.  Most injuries here end up with non-operative treatment, but when surgery is indicated it is generally a must-do situation.  This means early evaluation is critical.  Please contact us to learn more!


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